Jiah Khan Hit with Aamir

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What is it about the sultry and sensuous Jiah Khan that is making her such a hit with Aamir on the set of Ghajini? The Nishabd actress appears to have woven her charm over the mighty Aamir to the extent that he has taken the time out to help her find a new house in Mumbai.

Jiah is an international girl, having been born in New York but raised in the fashionable district of Chelsea in London. Jiah has not always had it easy. Her father was absent for most of her childhood and she has often faced poverty. Her mother, former Bollywood actress Rabiya Amin, works for the BBC. Her next movie is a role in Akshay Kumar’s Houseful and she will also be seen opposite Shahid Kapoor in Ken Ghosh’s next.

Talking of her extremely sensuous role in Nishabd, Jiah has said, “I remember RGV telling me that the character was one of a cat. Her sexiness was more from inside than from outside. She need not be wearing shorts. She would be wearing a pair of jeans and still sit the same way as she would be wearing a skirt and sit. And luckily for me I have a cat at home. I noticed her for a week. So it was not anything that special. From the institute (Jiah trained at the Strasberg Institute in New York) that I come from, we are taught method acting. Method acting is just about taking your past experiences and putting all the emotions from it into a scene. So that was what I did.”

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