Jiah Khan launches her new website!

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Super hot Bollywood babe Jiah Khan, who whipped crowds into a frenzy in “Housefull,” has just launched her own website and blog! While some stars prefer to stay silent about rumors, Jiah joins the outspoken ranks of Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut choosing to express her opinions directly to her fans.

Writing in her first blog post, she says, “As actors or people who arouse the public’s interest in broader terms, we are defined and more often than not misunderstood in the way we are perceived, and not the way we really are. A majority of the time our real self is very far from the preconceived notion. I hope that through my words and pictures you can establish a real sense of who I am… the real me… doing day to day things, with family, and sans make up.”

Along with the standard glossy studio photos that one finds on every side, Jiah has thoughtfully shared some personal snap shots of her and her family, including a trip to Paris, a visit to their local farmers market, and Jiah’s first time in a sari. She also included a video interview where she discusses her Bollywood film roles… and hints at an upcoming Hollywood project!

On her twitter feed, Jiah has asked her fans for feedback, saying, “The post is titled ‘Real.’ I want comments! Need feedback…and let me know about what you’d like to see on the site/posts.”

The new website is located at www.therealjiahkhan.com so drop her a line to let her know how she is doing.

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