‘Jo Bhi Main’ – Rockstar

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In a recent interview, Rockstar director Imtiaz Ali talked a bit about what he told composer AR Rahman about the lead character played by Ranbir Kapoor, “I told him how Jordan, the protagonist, I told him how is inarticulate, how he can express himself only through music, how his music is influenced by not only his situation but also by the music of the place he visits. So when Jordan is in Prague hanging about with gypsies, he imbibes their spirit and makes gypsy music. This is what Hawa Hawa is. Likewise, when Jordan is thrown out of his house, he goes to Hazrat Nizamuddin dargah, spends time with the Qawwals, absorbs their music and plays with them. That journey was not only about understanding music, but also about understanding life.”

Now we have not heard the full album of Rahman compositions for Rockstar but one of the songs we love already is ‘Jo Bhi Main’. According to Ali ‘Jo Bhi Main’ is about how “Jordan feels – I have beautiful thoughts in my mind. But when I try to express them in words, it gets clerical and the beauty of the thought gets destroyed with the first word I speak.”

Have look at the sights and the sounds of ‘Jo Bhi Main’ sung by the fabulous Mohit Chauhan


The soundtrack will be in stores on September 25th and Rockstar will begin its run in theaters on 11-11-11.

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