Jodhaa-Akbar release date confusion continues

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The release date of Jodhaa-Akbar is still in question, even after many reliable people have been stated as saying the film will release on October 12th, as scheduled. Many people still believe the movie will be shifted to January 2008.

Because of this assumption, a few films are now pushing to release on this date to cash in on the Eid weekend. Those films include Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Halla Bol and Hello. Some of the producers of these films (no word on which films) have decided to release their films no matter what Jodhaa-Akbar’s final release date is. While the other producers do not want to clash with the epic film and would shift their date if Jodhaa-Akbar does end up making it for October 12th.

The main reason for the assumption that the film will get delayed is because the shooting is incomplete and there is much post production and promotion to be done, that will take more than two months to complete. But Ram Mirchandani of UTV says, “Why should we postpone the film to January?.. We’re very much on schedule. Yes, we’re aware of the talk going around in the industry, but we’re sticking to 12th October. There’s no postponement and that’s final.”

That is yet another confirmation from the people inside the film stating rather confidently that the film will see no delay and will arrive as scheduled. We are very happy to hear this as the movie is one of the most anticipated of this year, and it would be a shame to see it shifted to next year. Let’s hope this clears everything and there are no more delay talks. Bring on Jodhaa and Akbar already!

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