Jodhaa Akbar’s Nikitin Dheer goes from one bad guy to another

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Nikitin Dheer, who certainly made his presence known as Sharifuddin in Jodhaa Akbar is ready to show his talent once again in Mission Istanbul. His character, Ghazni, is completely different than his role in JA. Besides going from a historical film to a modern one, Dheer also had to change his looks and mannerisms to take on Ghazni’s evil avatar.

Dheer explained, “I had to loose 15 kgs in a short period of time to fit the character. In my first film, I played a historical character so there was no six packs. I just had to gain weight to look strong and fit the character in Jodhaa Akbar, but in this role I am playing a contemporary personality so I have to be in the best of shape.”

He added, “The behaviour and the diction of this role are also quite contrary from my last character. I have completely changed the behaviour in this film from the last one, be it the way I speak, walk or any other thing.”

His excellent work in JA led him directly into the role of Ghazni. Dheer said, “I was selected among 40 others for the role of Sharifuddin in Jodhaa Akbar. When I was shooting for the climax of the film, our action director Ravi Dewan suggested my name to Suneil Shetty for Mission Istanbul. I was called to his office. Suneil and Apoorva liked my photographs and thought that I suited the role. Finally, I was selected and I want to thank Ravi for this.”

Though very different, both of these characters are negative roles but Dheer is not worried about being typecast: “There is no villain in today’s film. It is only the characters that we play. I don’t want to be type cast and I believe that I won’t be even type cast. Most probably I might play a positive role in my next film.” As to what that role will be he would only say “wait and watch”.

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, Mission Istanbul also stars Zayed Khan, Suneil Shetty, Shabbir Ahulwalia and Vivek Oberoi. Be sure to check out Dheer’s Ghazni when MI roars into theaters on July 25th.

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