Jodi Breakers in Jaipur

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The fabulous cast of Jodi Breakers which includes the beautiful Bipasha, the adorable Madhavan and the funny Omi Vaidya is on a tour to promote the movie and they recently stopped in Jaipur!

Check out these exclusive shots from the event!

Set to release on Friday, February 24th, the film directed by Ashwini Chaudhary is a very cute romantic comedy. Bipasha told us exclusively, “It is my first romantic comedy. It is opposite Madhavan. It is a really cute film because for the first time I play a very cute and endearing character called Sonali. These two people actually specialize in breaking up couples. We have taken that up as a profession that we are going to break up couples and we are going to make money on it. They are somewhat like divorce experts, but it is not a real profession what we do (laughs) in the film. It’s cute because the girl’s philosophy is that two people who are not in love, they should not be together because then they can have a second chance to find love. The boy’s philosophy is that there is nothing called love so might as well break the couples and make money. Each of them had a bad past experience with love. These two really cute characters meet together and they start this business of jodi breakers and then the story goes on. It is an amazing very cute romantic comedy.”

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