Jodis of the Decade!

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One of the things we LOVE about Bollywood is that many of the films have a beautiful love story, we are romantics at heart and it makes our Dil thump to watch the hero and heroine fall in love. In many different ways, in many different stories and settings the one thing that makes a filmi film too good is the falling in love. The couple, the pair, aka the jodi must have a connection, a spark to make the audiences root for them to end up together, or to sit on the edge of their seats until that last moments when she finally catches his in the end of DDLJ. Love conquers all. There have been some great jodis in the past decade and we thought we would take a look back and see what made them so special. We now present the 12, since we could not stop at 10 best jodis of 2000-2010!

12. John Abraham – Bipasha Basu

They are two of the hottest and sexiest stars in Hindi films. The two beautiful ones came together for the first time in Jism. The thriller was John’s debut film and a chance for Bipasha to play a villain. The screen literally burns up in every scene they are in together. That reel jodi lead to a real jodi during filming and the two are together to this day! It has been a long time in coming but we hope to see them soon romance!

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