John Abraham and Bobby Deol are gay!

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….not in real life, sorry to crush some hopes! So as some may know, Karan Johar’s new production Dostana is currently being shot in Miami. The film starring John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan is a triangular love story, but not one seen before in Hindi cinema, according to Karan Johar.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, John Abraham plays a homosexual character in the film, not actually but for the sake of his friend (played by Abhishek). An insider says, “The love triangle in the film is between Abhishek-Priyanka-John. Abhishek loves Priyanka but Priyanka loves John. For the sake of his best friend, John fakes gay to repel Priyanka. Now this is what I call “dosti”. This is the first time a mainstream actor would be playing a homosexual role in a Bollywood film.

We’re not done yet! Dostana also stars Bobby Deol (in a cameo) who also plays a homosexual character in the film, however Bobby is actually gay and doesn’t fake it like John. The insider continues, “Bobby plays a real gay in the film who is attracted to John Abraham who takes up the gay garb just for the sake of his friend”.

The movie seems to be very interesting and as we have more updates, we will inform you!

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