John Abraham and his private partner

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Spending 8 years out in public, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu had been through thick and thin. Now, after their split, John has a new woman in his life. Priya Runchal, an investment banker. Having been in a very open and public relationship before, John has learned many things. Especially, how the media works. This time he is being 100% cautious of everything that has to do with his personal life aka Priya by giving “…this relationship a lot of care, respect and privacy and the credibility that it deserves”.

When the media were trying to get some insight into his private life he voiced that “I am fiercely guarding this part of my life and I don’t want to speak about it because it puts it (the relationship) in a space that is very callous.” John has also met with family members of Priya while on a trip to LA a while back. John is definitely doing the exact opposite the second time around. He is taking his time and thinking of the step ahead. “Right now, my relationship is in its very delicate, initial stages… People are eager to see a resolution I know but I want to be in a space where I can say confidently, ‘I am here now and I am settled and I am going to do it, I will’. It is too early.” John explains.

Another thing working for him is the fact that Priya is not famous. She isn’t in the spotlight so it’s easier for John to maintain the darkness. The couple have only been seen together a couple of times but at usual meetings places. John doesn’t plan on bringing Priya near any A list function as he stated “you will never see me with my partner at a film function”. Seems like they’ll only be hitting the gym together at this stage.

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