John Abraham and Milap Milan Zaveri’s Inspiring Mera Bharat Mahaan

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Right now, everyone, all over the world, all over our country, is battling against one common enemy which is the coronavirus pandemic.

People have stepped up to do their best to help and encourage each other during this trying time. Renowned Bollywood writer and director, Milap Milan Zaveri has also stepped forward to do his bit.

The filmmaker has created a touching, motivational video which talks about the strength of our country stemming from our unity. The highlight of the video is the beautiful poem, Mera Bharat Mahaan written by Zaveri. And the words create a huge impact as they are voiced by the director’s Satyameva Jayate hero, John Abraham.

John Abraham shares, “When Milap came to me with this idea, I knew I had to do it. I wanted to be a part of this gesture that tells people how strong we have become by uniting in this dire situation and thank those who are risking their lives every day to help others. Humanity as a race is facing this threat on a global level and it is our job to help, motivate and inspire each other in any way we can. Through this video, we just wanted to tell everyone out there that we shall overcome this.”

Talking about the video and his inspiration behind it, Milap Milan Zaveri says, “My inspiration comes from the power that we as a country have shown to fight this situation. We have stood together in this battle and are continuing to do so every day by following the protocol and staying safe in our homes. At the same time, the major reason we will win this battle is due to the medical professionals and policemen who are out there trying to save everyone they can. The video is dedicated to all these bravehearts and to the entire country. I wanted to do my bit, to show the people how they are the heroes. Thanks to the cooperation of my team and of course, John, we have tried to show our gratitude by capturing what we all feel.”

He added, “#MeraBharatMahaan a poem of hope,courage, gratitude for India and the world.”

The video is conceptualised and written by Milap Milan Zaveri and edited by Maahir Zaveri and Sagar Manik. The soulful tune is given by Lijo George with Azeem Dayani as the music supervisor and sound design and mix provided by Kunal Mehta and Parikshit Lalvani.

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