John Abraham injured during Force stunt

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Bollywood stars go to great lengths to deliver action-packed films to our screens. In doing so, some get severely hurt, like John Abraham who was recently injured while shooting a stunt scene for his upcoming film, Force.

When jumping from one moving train to another, the actor lost his balance and crash landed on his back. John suffered about 40 injury marks on his back and was given immediate medical attention. However, in true superhero style, he braved it out and finished the shot he was required to.

“Although all the precautions were taken, this is something that can never be controlled. He was supposed to land on his feet, but he fell on his back, the compartment of the goods train was full of stones which hurt him badly. The impact with which he fell down was huge and that’s why he got hurt badly. Both my director Nishikant Kamath and I were extremely scared. We were scared that he might have severely injured his spinal chord,” said producer, Vipul Shah.

Sources reveal that John suffered a ligament tear while shooting for the same movie.

Force, is a remake of the hit Tamil film, Khakha Khakha, is being directed by Nishikant Kamat of Mumbai Meri Jaan fame.

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