John Abraham’s Aashayein

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On June 20th, John Abraham‘s next film, Aashayein, directed by Nagesh Kukunoor will be released in theaters. Like the title, the film is about hope and following your dreams. Along with John, the cast also includes Sonal Sehga and Anahita Nair, of Chak De! India fame. Kukunoor will also have a cameo appearance.

Kukunoor said, “Aashayein is an uplifting drama. What I wanted to convey through the film was to tell people that they should always follow their dreams.”

John’s character is that of a gambler who bets on cricket matches but according to the director, “The story’ss theme is very different. Cricket is only a small aspect of it.”

About casting John, he said, “I saw honesty in his face. When I offered the role to John, he immediately accepted it. Honestly, I have not seen any of John’s films. But I saw his honesty, and had to cast him in my film.” John supposedly had tears in his eyes after reading the story of the film.

Sonal Sehga plays John’s love interest and she really enjoyed working with the actor. “It was great. I was surprised when I saw his punctuality, humility and his sincerity towards his work. I was pleasantly surprised to see a well known actor being so rooted. It was a fantastic experience.”

So how did a relative newcomer to films land the role opposite the star? “I went through an audition where about 100 girls had turned up. I gave my auditions on the 15th of May and didn’t get a call from Nagesh till 29th, while the film was scheduled to begin on 30th of May! I had lost all hopes. But as luck had it, Nagesh called me on the 30th and asked, ‘You’ve always had straight hair, then how come you sported curly hair the day you auditioned?’ I soon straightened my hair as all I knew was that I just wanted this part and I could have done anything for it. I auditioned again and I was chosen to play ‘Sapna’ in the film. I was called to Hyderabad and then Pondicherry immediately, where the film has been shot. My hair decided my fate for Nagesh’s film!”

About working with director Kukunoor she revealed, “I was thrilled to having got an opportunity to work with him. He comes and tells you what he wants you to do but also gives you liberty to add your inputs. He is a well balanced director.”

The first look event was held recently and since John is in Miami shooting for Dostana, he was not able to make it, but his parents attended instead at the request of the director. About Aashayein, and its meaning hope, John’s father said, “My father, (John’s grand father) was a great believer of Hope and throughout his life, he believed and preached that even at the darkest of moments of life, there is always a ray of hope. Even when he was 95 years old, he kept preaching everyone to see life as a bright star and not as a burden.” It was reported that they were very impressed with the first look of the film, so much so they called John in Miami.

We will also see Anahita Nair (who played Aliya Bose in Chak De India) take on the role of a girl with cancer. Part of the story is the relationship that develops between her and John during her treatment.

Though we have glimpses into the story, we are sure that much more will be revealed when the film hits screens in June. Keep watching this space because we will report all the news about this intriguing film, Aashayein.

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