John Advocating For Birds

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Now we all know that John Abraham supports animals and their rights. He works with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals to raise awareness of the plights of animals. For a new advertisement for petaDishoom, he is going to take on the angelic avatar once again. Most recently, he played an angel in the new video by Strings’ called “Koi Aaney Wala Hai.” He shall once again dazzle us with the same look for his new print ad, which happens to have a still shot taken from the Strings’ video.

This ad will be aptly titled : Be an Angel for Birds. John will be seen wearing huge, angelic wings standing next to the title, with the tagline: “Don’t Cage Them”. Keen on prolonging the impact of the publicity, PETA has also planned a contest for the person who gives the ad the most original name. The winner will get autographed CDs of Strings’ newest album.

The lead singer of Strings, Faisal, said about this rather noble cause: “The eco-system of birds is important in preserving the biodiversity of planet Earth and they have as much a right to live as we do,.” Bilal, guitarist and composer of Strings’ also lashed out on illegal trafficking and the attacking of birds. “The trade of banned animal products is as much due to myth as it is due to ignorance,” he said.

Simran Kodesia of PETA, praised John saying : “When John Abraham speaks up for animals, young people across India listen. His close association with PETA means that the message of compassion for birds and all other animals will reach more people than ever before”

And all of us from BS are all with them…now aren’t we?

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