John and Abbas Tyrewala are LIARS!

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John and Abbas Tyrewala are LIARS! Yes, you read it right. Want to find out why? Read on. Most of you must be well aware with title dilemmas that Jhootha Hi Sahi was riddled with. The film’s name changes were widely reported in the media.

Well, the film started off its journey with the title of 1-800 Love. But then the title was changed to Call me Dil, which again was reported with much fan fare. But then again the name was changed to Jhootha Hi Sahi. These constant title changes caused a little confusion but now the name Jhootha Hi Sahi is very popular.

Now that everyone is finally catching up to the name of Jhootha Hi Sahi comes the news, that all of this was lie! Yes, sources close to the Jhootha Hi Sahi team say the name of the film was Jhootha Hi Sahi from the very beginning and there was no rechristening of the film. The different titles were hyped, but Abbas Tyrewala and John Abraham always knew that the film’s name is Jhootha Hi Sahi.

Must say, John and the relatively innocent and shy looking Abbas are quite the Jhoothes! They pulled a fast one!

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