John-Bips: end of their ‘prem kahani’?

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Speculation of the end of their relationship has been hovering over them since the day they announced their it. However, recently it seems that the sizzling John and Bipasha may be bidding goodbye to their so far fairy-tale prem kahani (love story).

We are not ones to gossip, and this article would not have been written if it didn’t seem like something was fishy but it has been reported all over that John’s wandering eye has caught up to him and he has indulged in an affair with another woman. Though the couple has always denied that their relationship is on the rocks, alleged “sources” close to the couple claim that this in fact is quite true and that John has been this way for quite some time. Remember, “sources” are not always reliable.

Rumours are ripe that Bipasha has decided that John’s latest actions are the last straw and is reluctantly calling it quits. Interestingly enough, gossip-mongers are harping on about ex-boyfriend Dino Morea’s re-emergence into the actress’ life and claim that he is vying to reclaim that special place in her heart. However, Dino clears the air and tells Subhash K. Jha, “Such talk is creating unnecessary complications in her life. Bipasha has always been a friend, and will always remain one. I’m there for her whenever she needs me.” Wait, that’s not all! Saif ‘Langda’ Ali Khan is apparently in the race for Bipasha’s love as well as taking a keen interest in the ‘dhoomph’ girl after his break-up with Rosa.

While speculation could be true, there is an equally likely chance that the couple is sitting together right now, reading this article and having a good laugh (I hope so!). People have inquisitive minds, and often make mountains out of molehills. Let’s hope this is the case and that Bollywood’s most garam (hot) couple continues to rock!

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