John gets yelled at!

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The ‘Call John’ campaign of Jhootha Hi Sahi, has given fans unlimited access to John. The campaign has received an over whelming response, with John being inundated with calls.

However, John was in for a shock when recently, a girl called John on the line he has shared with his fans, and yelled at him!

Yes, that’s right; the girl called him and screamed at him. John was shocked to find someone yelling at him. The girl complained to John that her boyfriend has taken inspiration from his character in Jhootha Hi Sahi and has started lying to her a lot. She also went on to tell John that according to her white lies are not good for a relationship and they only end up hurting the other person.

John even tried explaining to the girl, that Siddharth of Jhootha Hi Sahi is just a character he is playing, and that’s not what he’s like in real life.

Says producer Madhu Mantena “John answered this one call, and the girl really yelled at him. I could see that he was very shocked. The girl was upset with John as her boyfriend had started lying to her, because of John’s character in Jhootha Hi Sahi. John was visibly upset with the call. However, he tried to calm the girl out and counsel her to the best of his efforts.”

Well, John’s shock at the call was understandable, as till now he has only received calls where fans have praised him, this was the first time somebody has called and screamed at him. But John took it in his stride, and handled the situation.

Finally the wait is over and you can catch Jhootha Hi Sahi in theaters today! Stay tuned for our review and be sure and check out our exclusive Abbas Tyrewala and John Abraham interviews!

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