John-Vidya Affair

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Ever since the comedy flick Lage Raho Munna Bhai has been declared a hit, some changes have begun in our Bollywood gharana.

Of course with this comes the quintessential gossip and rumours. The oven fresh “news” is that John Abraham is now dating much talented newcomer Vidya Balan after the success of Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Of course he is.

Sources (read: greedy idiots) “close” to Abraham disclose that John has always had the roving eye, even when he was dating the bong beauty Bipasha Basu. “They rumours about John taking a shine to Mallika Sherawat are true. They could be seen being attentive to each other during Rockstars, the world tour concerts,” says our source.

John’s insatiable when it comes to women (hence why he can never take his eyes off Bips when she is in the same arena as him), always moving from one to another and a few in between.

And as soon as our Parineeta star rose in height, John has outdone himself and decided another career boost is neeeded.

“John has always been a user”, exclaims our “source”. John moved on from his first love to date Riya Sen, just so he could set his foot in the modelling circuit (because he isn’t good looking enough to make it on his own!). He then felt the need to enter Bollywood.

Therefore the inevitability of dating Raveena Tandon, who gave him all the contacts he’d need to establish himself in the industry. Seeing the rising star in Bipasha, he started dating her after the success of Jism knowing the boost it would be to his career, present and future (because ‘ALL’ his films have been successful because he has been paired with Bipasha in all of them).

Basu is now one of the leading ladies of Bollywood and has proved that she’s not just there to look pretty. As soon as our new Parineeta talent rose, John couldn’t help himself but use her to go one step further in his career.

The two became close friends during the schedule of Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-E-Ishq. The growing relationship of these natural lovers can be seen on the silver screen in November.

Don’t expect either of them to come out and accept this though. Remember how the stars of Bollywood have become immune to the media publishing their personal lives. *AHEM Ash-Abhi AHEM*

See, but the only difference is there maybe an Ash-Abhi BUT there is not a John-Vidya, especially not after the recent eye witness reports of John-Bips vacationing in Toronto while John’s film Kabul Express was premiering at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. And they say rumour mongering is dead!

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