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By now you must have read a million stories on #slapgate: The title given by the media to the news that Shah Rukh Khan has slapped Shirish Kunder. The whole story went viral on newssites and of course social media and even ended up as a trending topic not only in India, but also worldwide where you could see a trending topic called Farah Khan’s… (yes, that was the topic title).

The public took to twitter and started slapping jokes back and forth (sorry we HAD too) on the incident. A lot of creative brains together who one after the other tried to create the best joke. And of course Bollyspice puts together some of the best jokes we found on social networksites and forums.

@desijourno If someone slaps you, tell your wife.” – Mahatma Shirish Kunder

@RameshSrivats: “SRK & Sanjay Dutt? Shirish Kunder must have been seeing stars.”
“I’m sure SRK just slapped in the air, close to Shirish Kunder’s face, and loudly said, “dishoom”.

@MTVIndia: Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan.

@mohit_ak: So wait did Shirish Kunder say “thapad se dar nahi lagta sahib, farah khan se lagta he”

@chin80: Shirish Kunder was bored of the tag “Farah Khan’s husband”. So he allowed SRK to slap him. New tag: “The guy who was slapped by SRK”

CilemaSnob: After two back to back duds, Shirish Kunder finally has a Hit. Congrats. You have arrived!

You know what’s sad? No, not getting beaten up by SRK and Dutt. But people still saying that “Farah Khan’s husband” got beaten up. No?

You know what’s the best thing about last night’s fight. Nobody wud need to design Joker’s poster now. Just put Kunder’s face ya.

People even got creative with an Agneepath Dialogue:
Sanjay Dutt to Shirish Kunder: Tum kya leke aaye the aur kya leke jaoge? Tum to sirf ghatiya filme banaoge, reh jayega to ek insaan, sarv shakti shali sarv shaktimaan, SHAHRUKH KHAN !!!!!!

@Sinhageet: Farah Khan’s next Film to be realsed-: TAPPAD KA RAAZ

@Stylee_Icon: even on twitter Shirish Kunder is trending as Farah Khan’s __ u can fill in d blanks..poor guy… Noone knows him 🙁
@BollywoodGandu: So many people are happy that @iamsrk slapped @ShirishKunder. It’s wrong. We should never condone violence against women.

@Yew Eff El: I think it was just a case of misunderstanding. #ShirishKunder must have gone up to #SRK and said, “Tees maar, Khan!” #29SlapsPending
@rajkalur: @iamsrk & Shirish Kunder join hands to produce a hit on Twitter time line.

@thetamasha: So Rs 150cr fireworks come back to burst on Mr Farah Khan’s face! How was it Shirish Kunder? #Slapgate #KingKhan

@Sshail: SRK made #Joker Director @ShirishKunder look Joker

@DaOriginalSinna Now Kunder can finally act in his own movie “Joker” !!!”
Karan Johar to sign Czar Khan Kunder for Agneepath 3 where he grows up to avenge his father’s slapgate humiliation

@thetanmay Breaking: Giant Ra.One imprint found on Shirish Kunder’s face.

@badshah_sam .Haar ke jeetne waale ko BAAZIGAR aur thappad khaake trend hone waale ko Shirish Kundar kehte hain..ROFL
The next one I found on another entertainment website:
“Didnt Sanjay Dutt said to Kunder following his Munnabhai character dat “Gandhiji ne kaha hai jab koi ek gaal pe maare, to duusra gaal aage ardo”

“Poor Shirish Kunder. All he said to SRK was “Hey, I too need a hit!”

@Varun_G_10: Shouldn’t SRK trend as well! After all he made the effort to slap Shirish Kunder i.e., Farah Khan’s wife oops i means husband 😉

@virenderpratap1: mujhe andhera pasand hai, shirish kunder ke aane waale kal ki yaad dilata hai

Even Shirish thought they were funny and tweeted “Some of your jokes on the incident were very funny. Including the ones on me. Keep up the humor.”

Since we made ourselves LOL we thought we would share some of our titles we thought of too!
Slapgate goes slapstick

Twitter Slap-schtik

Twitter sings Slapgate Jokes!

Twitterati Slap Back

Twitter got Slapgate jokes

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