Jolly unveils his Kathghara!

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Jolly has begun his search for witnesses for the case of his life that is about to reopen on March 15th across theatres in India. For this, he unveiled his witness box, at a Multiplex theatre in Andheri West, Mumbai on Saturday, 16th Feb, 2013. He requested the people to come forward and support him in his battle.

As someone who hasn’t won a case in his life and has faced struggles in every sense of the word so far, Jolly also distributed pamphlets advertising himself to get the attention of the movie goers. All that he wants right now is to win the case on March 15th. He hopes this will help him get a few big cases in his pocket!

Jolly has meanwhile, knocked up a few voices of support. Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, India, adds, “ We are supporting Jolly whole heartedly in his battle to win the case of his life. We came up with an innovative idea of placing a witness box at theatres in order to introduce the common man to his story and support him. Yes Jolly is considered an underdog by many, but we believe he connects with the common man out there, who is sincere and wants to make it big.We wish Jolly a big success!”

Director Subhash Kapoor, who gave us Phas Gaye Re Obama adds, “ Life in film, in real life too Jolly came searching for clients, he tried to convince people that he is a good lawyer. He might be funny and might come across as good for nothing but he is a lawyer with noble intentions and big heart willing to fight for justice. I am sure that people will come to see his brilliance and sincerity on 15th March”

The film will release through Fox Star India.

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