Juhi’s Luck by Chance

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Juhi Chawla is picking and choosing the roles she wants to do from the offers she is receiving these days. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. She is one of the very few female actors who have reached a stage in their career where they have the prerogative to select their own characters. Madam Chawla has worked hard to get to this stage, which is why when she was offered the role of Minty Rolly in Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance she grabbed it with both hands!!!

Even though her role was small it seems that it is because she was provided with an opportunity to do something which she has never ever done before is what clinched the deal…

Juhi Chawla has gone blonde. Rumours on the grapevine are that Juhi just loved the script and more than her character she fell in love with her character’s look which, has been designed by B Blunt’s Avan Contractor.

Well, it seems to be a dream come true for Juhi…. Some people have all the luck…

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