Just Married

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Fardeen Khan as Abhay Sachdeva

The quintessential Indian city boy. Friendly, spirited, ambitious with a great sense of humor, Abhay does what most normal men his age do. Holds down a great job at an MNC, hits the gym, guzzles his beer and hangs out with the guys. He’s the typical guy-next-door. His sense of tradition and duty are perfectly placed, which is perhaps why, after completing his MBA overseas he comes home to his family in India and agrees to an arranged marriage with the girl his parents have chosen for him.

Yet, inspite of all his sensibilities, a 5 day honeymoon with a stranger, albeit his wife of 24 hours, seems strange to him! As he arms himself with a truckload of patience and sensitivity, even he knows that this journey’s going to be full of surprises. And he’s game for it. He’s dead sure that whatever this honeymoon throws at him, he’s going to come out a winner. Perhaps that’s what makes Abhay so special.

Esha Deol as Ritika Khanna

Surprise is just one of the emotions that Ritika feels when her parents announce their decision to wed her to an absolute stranger—the great Indian arranged marriage—whoever knew that she would be a victim!

What’s worse is that just 24 hours after her wedding, she now needs to take off on a 5 day honeymoon to Ooty–with a stranger! Sure she knows his name’s Abhay Sachdeva and that hers has now miraculously changes to Ritika Sachdeva—that he likes the color blue since he wore a blue sherwani for his wedding to her—that his parents are nice—and his sister half crazy—but that’s it! Who is he? What does he do for fun? Was he as against their marriage being arranged as she was? Does he snore at night?—and was she expected to share a bed with him for 5 whole days? Just how much knowledge is enough when on honeymoon with a stranger?

To say that Ritika’s nervous is like saying that she’s happy. She isn’t. Scared out of her wits, hesitant, thrown off, uncomfortable—that’s more the way she’s feeling. And frankly, who in their right senses can blame her?

The one thing she’s not ready for is the fact that she may actually fall in love with Abhay. Does she?


Marriage is often the culmination of a perfect romance. An arranged marriage however, is the beginning of an anticipated romance.

2 individuals: Abhay Sachdeva and Ritika Khanna. Strangers, but for a sole meeting. On the fringes of familiarity but with their destinies firmly entwined forever. Married to each other yet outsiders together on their honeymoon.

Far away in Ooty, 290 kms from home in Bangalore, Abhay and Ritika begin their journey as husband and wife on their 5 day honeymoon. Along the way they chance upon several people—some couples, some individuals, some believers in the institution of marriage and the romance of togetherness, some non-believers. Abhay and Ritika have never held hands, never walked together in the rain, never romanced each other and yet, as per ritual, they have to spend 5 days together in one room, with one bed, as husband and wife, in a situation where they are expected to love each other and become lovers.

Just Married is a movie that starts where most others end. It is a film set amidst middle class India where romance and love start at the ultimate commitment-marriage.

Will Abhay and Ritika find friendship and become lovers? Will they survive their new found relationship as husband and wife? Will their honeymoon be the beginning of the end?

Just Married. Marriage was only the beginning. And love was definitely not in the air!

Never has a love story been so unlike any other!

Our Rating

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