Kahaani sequel in the pipelines

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Remakes and sequels are becoming a fashion in Bollywood and it is clear that Kahaani is set to follow the trend. It has already been widely reported that the hit is set to be remade into Tamil, Telugu and even English versions but for Sujoy Ghosh it seems remakes are not enough. The director and producers, Viacom 18 and Jayantilal, have met and agreed on a sequel to the Vidya Balan film which is all set to start next year.

A source close to the production says, “Only after Viacom and Gadha were convinced that the sequel would in no way be affected by the remakes did the process of selling remake rights go forward. Viacom was very clear on the issue. The sequel should not and must not be affected by the remakes.” The source goes on to comment saying, “since Sujoy is completely committed to Kahaani 2 and involved in writing it, his chance of participating in any of the Kahaani remakes is very slim. Sujoy is busy writing the sequel and has cracked an idea.”

Producers Viacom 18 are already set on bring back Vidya Balan to take the lead role and Sujoy Ghosh to claim his directors seat again. The plot this time will see Vidya’s character taken outside of Kolkata.

With the original film being such a “dark horse” of a success, it is clear demand will certainly continue to be high with remakes and a sequel in the pipeline.

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