Kajol did Dilwale because of the script and Shah Rukh Khan!

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15dec_Diwale-Kajol-Intrvw01Kajol has mesmerised audiences worldwide for decades and the beautiful actress is set to appear on UK cinema screens again with Dilwale on 18th December. The multiple award-winner was last seen on the big screen in My Name Is Khan opposite Shah Rukh Khan. The film went on to become the highest grossing Bollywood film in the UK at that time.

Kajol and King Khan are justifiably famous for their romantic collaborations and fans around the world have waited with bated breath to see them reunite on the silver screen once again. It is now a win-win situation for fans of both actors who will get to see SRK and Kajol in Dilwale, directed by Rohit Shetty.

Speaking to Sunny Malik for BollySpice during her recent trip to London, Kajol said that the decision to do the film was partly because of Shah Rukh and partly because of Rohit Shetty.


“I’ve known Rohit for a very long time. He has been close to my husband and Ajay has starred in all of his movies with the exception of Chennai Express. My decision to do Dilwale was partly because Rohit was making the film. However, it was mostly the script that made me decide to do the film.”

“The script has to be good enough and interesting enough for me to take hundred days out of my regular life. I need to focus and enjoy every of those days and the people around me play a big factor in that. Shah Rukh was a big part of it and so was Rohit.”

Dilwale also stars rising superstar Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Interestingly, Shah Rukh and Kajol have known Varun for a long time as he was an assistant director on Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan. Talking about Varun, who plays Shah Rukh’s younger brother in the film, Kajol said, “He has a good solid head on his shoulders. I think, he is very hardworking and conscientious. That’s the difference between a flash in the pan and longevity.”


While Kajol is known for her acting skills, people are also aware about the fact that she is straightforward and honest, not a trait commonly found in actors. “I prefer not to have a bubble around me. I would like to have the bubble around sometimes. But it’s too much of an effort and I’m too lazy. I don’t remember half of the things I say and if I lie, I won’t remember it. Hence, I find it’s just easy to say the truth.”

DILWALE is now showing worldwide. Book your tickets now and don’t miss out.

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