Kajol on working with Ajay and U Me Aur Hum

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Ajay Devgan’s debut film as a director U Me Aur Hum, as you probably know, also stars his wife Kajol. Kajol is not only heroine opposite Ajay’s hero but also it was her first time as a producer. She recently talked about working with Ajay, being a producer and what comes next.

On working with husband Ajay as a director, “Ajay was like a principal of a school and I think if a principal is not strict, the school can go haywire. Ajay in fact, did just that. He made sure everyone on the sets knew who the captain of the ship was. He has a different working pattern. Though he was the director of the film, I was also the producer so he didn’t scold me. He was so clear with his ideas that he never got a chance to reprimand me. Ajay is very easy to understand. I think we would be very dumb not to understand Ajay.”

Adding, “It was an honour and I am proud of the fact that my husband directed me as a heroine. He is one of the best directors I have ever worked with and it’s going to stay with me for a very long time. He is a true director to the core.”

About producing as well as acting Kajol said, “I don’t think I have made any special effort. Right from the story idea, to the script and the through the entire shoot — all of us worked together. The credit goes to the executive producer, the editors, scriptwriters and everyone who worked hard to make it a good film. We used to brainstorm, chat and develop new ideas. So it was a team effort. As far as the improvisations were concerned, we had a bound script and we shot as it was. We do discuss changes sometimes but nowadays it has increased since we are in the post-production phase. Ajay speaks about nothing but the film.”

About the music for the film Kajol the producer said, “I think it is important to bring in new talent. We were also given a break when we were newcomers. He is a great music director and has a great voice and hence we asked him to sing the title track. It is my favourite number in the film. The album has lovely numbers. There a slow romantic number, a naughty number and a fast Punjabi track. So it has a mix of everything.”

Nyasa, their daughter was with them on the cruise during filming but not part of the set, “She used to get bored. Her school was also starting so I didn’t take her with us. When she was around, I got tense about her food and sleep and couldn’t concentrate on work.”

Nyasa has watched parts of her mom’s films but Kajol explains it does not go so well, “I tried showing her my films but when she sees me crying, she starts crying too and asks us to change the channel. She can’t bear to see tears in my eyes. Maybe I will show her my films when she grows up and can understand better.”

It is now possible for actresses to continue their career after marriage and Kajol said, “It’s not a recent trend. Heroines from the days of Saira Banu have made a comeback after marriage. But yes, the audience has changed, their viewpoint has changed. Films on different subjects are being made and I consider myself lucky to be in an age where I can do different kinds of films. You don’t have to be a 16-year-old to do films anymore.”

So for Kajol next in the pipleline is Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan however, it is not a done deal, “I’ve tentatively said yes to Karan. I have not yet read the script. Nothing has been finalised yet.”

Looking past My Name is Khan, “As for my roles, it depends on the script. It has to be a good script and a good director. I won’t say yes unless I see the script,” she said.

Finally, will we see her in a director’s hat anytime soon? “No, absolutely not. I am happy acting and I feel I can achieve a lot as an actor.”

Be sure to see U Me Aur Hum when it hits theaters on April 11th.

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