Kal Penn at the White House

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Kal Penn’s character, Dr. Kutner, on the popular television show House, was killed off (or rather committed suicide) on April 6th, causing fans and audiences to sit in shock as they pondered over the reason behind his death. Fear not House fans, we have the answer. It seems that Penn was offered a position at the White House. He will now fill the title of Associate Director at the Office of Public Liaison. His role will help the Obama Administration connect with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and the arts and entertainment.

While many were surprised at his career change, Penn who starred in Mira Nair’s masterpiece The Namesake, was quick to respond, “For the folks who know me, they know I have these dueling passions, the arts and public service.” Penn was an avid Obama advocate during the campaigning days and has taken online classes from Stanford University in International Studies and Public Policy. He has also clearly said he will not be acting while he takes on the position at the White House.

Penn’s claim to fame came as he depicted Kumar from the popular Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and later Guantanamo Bay. Gone are the days where Kumar was busy looking for White Castle and escaping from dangerous prison; Kumar is headed to the White House now!

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