Kalki and Anurag in Love

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Kalki Koechlin, the hot new star of Dev D, is in love with its director Anurag Kashyap. “It’s true. I am seeing Anurag Kashyap,” she says “It happened after we shot for Dev D. He started calling me up a lot and then one day he asked me out. I told him I felt a bit odd about it because he was my director. But we share similar personalities and tastes and get along very well, so I gave in.”

Dev D also stars Abhay Deol. Asked whether she was worried about playing a prostitute in the film, Kalki – who was educated at London University – says, “On the one hand I was apprehensive about how people would judge me after seeing me in this role because people here do have a knack for typecasting, but on the other hand it was challenging and exciting for me as an actor.”

Anurag confirms his relationship to Kalki, who was born in India to French parents: “Everything that she has said so far is true,” he says, “We are seeing each other but I’m a different individual than her. I’m a little superstitious about my relationships and I don’t want to talk about my personal life. Kalki can talk about it. There’s nothing to hide, people know that we are very much together now.”

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