Kaminey’s sequel to come true!

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The rumour seems to be confirmed. The sequel of 2009 Kaminey is planned to be the next project of director Vishal Bardwaj, who recently wrapped up the shooting of Haider in Kashmir.

The 2009 film, starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles and produced by UTV Motion Pictures, was set in Mumbai and told the story of a pair of twins, one with a lisp and the other with a stutter, over the course of a single day. The sequel, which will reportedly be called Maha Kaminey and will also star Shahid Kapoor, is expected to pick up the story where the first film ended.

Although Vishal Bardwaj has not communicated with the media about this rumour, The Indian Express reported that his spokesperson has confirmed the director’s involvement in the sequel. However, he is currently focusing on his latest film Haider, which is in post-production and is scheduled to release on October 2nd. A source close to the director added that Maha Kaminey is expected to be more gory and dark than the first film. This will be the third collaboration between the director and the actor after Kaminey and Haider.

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