Kangana Loses Out!

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As we exclusively reported, Ambassador Pictures was in negotiations with Kangana Ranaut to portray one of the lead roles in the film, Between the Night and the Moon, directed by Dr. Gilda Pianelli. One of the film’s producers traveled to India to meet with Kangana and when she read the script, she loved it and agreed to do the project.

We recently contacted Ambassador Pictures, Inc. to see if Kangana had signed on the dotted line. When we spoke to a company representative, we were told that Kangana’s representative never returned calls to finish the negotiations. Adriana Cerundolo, the rep from Ambassador Pictures went on to say that emails and phone calls were ignored constantly by her secretary time and time again. Ms. Cerundolo wonders if Kangana was ever given any of her messages. After months of unsuccessfully trying to get a hold of Kangana to finish the deal, the producers of the film got fed up and went ahead and contacted someone for this exciting role. Too bad for Kangana. What was she thinking?

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