Kangana Ranaut becomes a scriptwriter

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Fresh from the success of Queen, Kangana Ranaut has apparently delved into scriptwriting and has expressed her interest in making a film. The actress took a 2 month long screenplay writing course at the New York Film Academy and is currently taking a short break in Switzerland to work on her script. Kangana has headed for the Swiss Alps, as opposed to the Bollywood capital Mumbai in order to prevent herself from being distracted.

A source close to Kangana reported the following to a leading Indian newspaper. “Kangana is in Switzerland currently. The first draft of a script that she was working on is ready. So to develop the storyline further, she decided to fly away from India and focus completely on her idea. She knows that it won’t be possible if she tried to work on her script while living in Mumbai.”

“There are too many distractions in Mumbai, since she has many films and other commitments to take care of,” added the source. “A number of film-makers are also trying to reach her for narrations and film offers. She wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on her script and that’s why she has cut herself off.”

Kangana is currently riding high within the Bollywood film industry following the critical and commercial success of Queen. Though her follow-up film Revolver Rani was not such a bit hit; it nevertheless received appreciation from the critics and her performance in particular was widely praised.

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