Kangana Ranaut Goes Retro 70s

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Kangana Ranaut who is undertaking the role of gangster Haji Mastan’s girlfriend, the Madhubala-lookalike Sona, in the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, is building a wardrobe of seventies-styles for the movie. The movie also stars Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi. Kangana is said to be seeking inspiration from the look of stars of the period such as Asha Parekh, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. The decade that style forgot did manage to produce some attractive clothing, mostly centring on bold floral prints and bright primary colours. “The styles are more practical and fun in our times,” she says, “High bouffants, bell bottoms are things I can’t imagine today without being laughed at.”

Kangana is currently in Tollywood, shooting for Ek Niranjan, where it’s rumoured she appears naked in one scene. She stars opposite Prabhas in a genuine masala movie. It’s not her first trip down South of course – last year she appeared in the successful Dhaam Dhoom.

Kangana is pleased to have nabbed a role in Sushmita Sen’s comedy No Problem as she is worried about being typecast in tragic roles. “I was really hurt when people said I was destined only to play tragic roles,” she explains, “I have wanted to do comedy for a long time. The fact that I’m playing Sushmita’s sister in the film is an added bonus. We’ll have a ball playing sisters.”

Also perhaps in the works is a Hollywood film. Kangana’s career options appear to be expanding with the news that she will be flying to LA to audition for a new Matthew Perry movie.

We will keep you in the know about all of Kangana’s projects so check back here often!

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