Kangana Ranaut in Fashion Again

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Hot on the heels of her critical success in Fashion, Kangana Ranaut has been walking the ramp again – this time at the Chivas in Fashion Tour 08, where she was seen modelling for top designer Vikram Phadnis. In particular, the crowd admired her in a full-length, full-fit brown velvet evening gown with a colourful blue-and-yellow seamed top and a plunging neckline.

Kangana currently has a slew of interesting projects that she is working on including Raaz 2, Roshan, Kites and Happy New Year. Meanwhile, a campaign is building for her to win a Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in Fashion. The depth of her professionalism recently came to light when it was learned she went two days without water in order to become dehydrated and obtain the correct expressions of anguish and distress for some of her scenes in the movie.

Adhyayan Suman, who appears with Kangana in Raaz 2 and has been linked to her romantically is unhappy about the media attention being given to their relationship: “The importance the media gives to my relationship makes me very upset and is difficult to handle,” he says, “First, I was known as Shekhar Suman’s son and now I am known as Kangana’s boyfriend so I feel like I am losing my identity. I don’t like anything being written about my relationship and I’d rather people just write about my work. I am dreading all the questions I will be asked during promotions for Raaz because Kangana and I are playing a live-in couple in the film.”

One can’t help thinking that Adhyayan has perhaps misunderstood the role and consequences of being a celebrity in the media age.

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