Kangana to work for independant American film company

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United States independent film company Ambassador Pictures, Inc. is in development for their next full feature film. The film entitled, ‘Between the Night and the Moon’ (working title) is a modern day Romeo and Juliet written by Juan C. Sanchez. The film is being specifically created for India’s ‘award winning’ dynamic leading actor Kangna Ranaut. Miss Ranaut has won over twelve prestigious awards since her initiation into filmdom with her film, “Gangster”. The other actors attached to the project are ‘award winning’ American theatre actor Barbara Sloan who recently starred in ‘Canvas’ with Marcia Gay Harden, actor Kenneth Russell who recently starred in ‘Push’ with Chazz Palmintari and American recording artist Ferron who has recorded soundtracks for ‘Jackie Chan’ films. One of Ambassador Pictures representatives-Executive Producer Mr. Shuja Paul traveled to India to pitch the film to Miss Ranaut who has given the project a ‘thumbs up’ and the deal is presently under negotiations. ‘Between the Night and the Moon’ will be shot in English by the end of 2008. The locations are set in Miami Beach, Florida-USA and Kashmir, India. Directed by Italian filmmaker Gilda Pianelli.

Sharon Sampson, Producer/Public Relations will be available for any further assistance. Please contact Miss Sampson at ambassadorpic@aol.com

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