Kangna Ranaut in a mess!

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Kangna Ranaut, who recently performed at the Bollywood Awards in New York, has found herself in quite a soup. Much to the dissatisfaction of the promoters of the show, Kangna demanded $1000 for the outfits in the show. However, this was not in her contract. Still, obliging to the diva-behaviour, the promoters paid her the money.

Not so fast, Miss Ranaut was not finished with her starry ways yet. Additionally, she rang up a phone bill with an exorbitant price, leaving the promoters dumbfounded. Some rumours suggest that they even locked her out of her hotel room, forcing her to spend the night with her aunt! She was scheduled to meet with a group of people and when she didn’t show up, the promoters were frantic. They eventually realised that she had taken a flight to Dubai without telling anyone. By this time, they had steam exploding from their ears.

Later, she was not allowed into Dubai because of a problem with her Visa and missed the opening of a jewelry store that she was supposed to attend. She is now obligated to return the money for what was supposed to be her attendance. Well, the $1000 will sure come in handy!

Call it star-fever or anything else, there is no doubt that Miss Kangna Ranaut has attitude–loads of it. And hey, as long as we don’t experience it…it’s fun to read about!

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