Kangna Ranaut’s side of the story

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We reported earlier the promoters of the 9th Annual Bollywood Movie awards claimed that Kangna Ranaut had quite the diva fit while in New York. But now Ranaut is telling her side of the story and it is quite different.

“I’ve been to so many live performances in the last two years. But this one takes the cake. This was one of the worst organized and attended events. All of us were not paid. I put my foot down when they said the amount will be given to me after the show. I refused to get out of my hotel room until I was paid. They paid the money to my manager. But kept aside 1,000 dollars for my costume. When my manager demanded the amount the organizer fired him, but finally paid up,” stated Ranaut.

Both Bipasha Basu and Neha Dhupia also refused to perform until they were paid, according to people who were at the awards show.

Ranaut went on, “They took their revenge when I returned to my hotel room. After my performance I was told that I had to clear my hotel bills, including food, everything. Can you believe this? I was staying at a posh hotel. I didn’t have that kind of money on me. My manager explained to the hotel management that the room was booked by the organizers then why was I expected to pay?”

Another accusation against Ranaut was that she ran up a huge telephone bill. She responded with, “Whom would I call from New York? My sister? Is she my boyfriend that she’s dying to hear my voice every hour? After seeing how these people behaved I’ll think thrice before performing abroad.”

Bipasha Basu said, that she too had some problems but did not want to go into detail. She did say however, “But I did see Kangana facing problems. I saw her standing outside with no makeup room. She needs to get more firm about these events, have everything down on a proper contract and not on letter-heads. I’ve been around enough. Even when I was new no one could take me for a ride.

Ranaut agrees, “Bipasha is experienced in such matters. I’ve to learn a lot yet.”

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of these two sides of the story, leaning a bit towards Ranaut’s side since we do have confirmation that there were problems. We wish Kangna a much better experience the next time she performs aboard and are very glad to know that it was not all star-fever.

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