Karan Johar: Child At Heart

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It was a wonderful Children’s Day for director/producer Karan Johar, a self-confessed child at heart. “At 38, I am still as dependent on my mother as I used to be when I was a child. I am a messy eater and I have bad eating habits. I have a poor sense of time management and need constant mothering.”

And for those who are wondering if Mr. Johar ever feels wistful not having any children of his own, think again! Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s children Aryan and Suhana are lucky enough to have KJo as a doting godfather! Not only that, but he is very fond of his cousins’ daughters as well; Karan had quite a lot of love to share for the special little people in his life on Children’s Day.

If that isn’t enough reason to celebrate, then there is always Karan’s extremely popular talk show Koffee with Karan. “It’s all about lounging around and having a good time with your close pals. The cameras are just incidental. So, there’s no strategy, no script and no agenda. It’s all about some conversations over coffee.”

And the good news keeps on pouring in for Karan and his company Dharma Productions. My Name Is Khan will be releasing in China on November 30. The film is now one of India’s first true global films. With success like that and the accolades still rolling in from all corners, we are certain that Mr. Johar celebrated Children’s Day with a smile on his face – for more reason than one!

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