Karan Johar Turns 37

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Producer, director and socialite Karan Johar turned 37 on May 25th but says however that he has no bones or qualms in displaying his grey’s or his maturity, “I began greying at 20…I always felt old thanks to my premature graying…I don’t know whether being in your 30’s is old or young, but I feel like a very senior member of the film fraternity. I don’t qualify as a young filmmaker anymore,” he tells a leading publication. The director is far too busy with directing his upcoming extravaganza My Name is Khan to worry about celebrating his birthday this year, “Frankly celebration isn’t on top of my mind now. And, if I’ve no choice, it’ll be a small and private affair.”

He did however; spill the beans on a few private unknown facts about himself. While K.J. receives presents galore from his friends in the fraternity, he has a terrible “habit of losing gifts” too. Not known for being a scandalous personality, he does claim to hide “skeletons in his cupboard, tightly and firmly placed.” The director does have a number of “naughty fantasies” but claims that his fantasies are in fact, “unprintable,” His friendship and relationships have been tested on more than one occasion, “But, I never lost hope,” the actor claims. Humorous Johar also claims that the “Marooned on an island” question is one with many “physical undertones.” Strangely, this is a question that he has asked many celebrity friends on his talk show, Koffee with Karan. In true K.J. style, he answers the question, “But, if I am marooned on any island, I will look for someone who can help me get out of it. I can’t for God’s sake have good thoughts, stuck in isolation! I am a people’s person, and need to be surrounded by them. I can’t be there stuck with one person. It’ll be a torture!”

Karan’s parents play a “strong force” in his life. “My father was a selfless human being. It’s a quality that is extinct today.” And of course, Mom’s the word for the director, “Mom’s an exceptionally strong force in my life. Nothing can break me when she is around. She supports all my decisions; if for some reason she’s against something, I go by her instinct,” the birthday boy signs off.

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