Kareena Happy to be playing Happy

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After her success as the happy go lucky character Geet in the wonderful Jab We Met, Kareena is looking forward to her next comedic role in Phir Golmaal.

Kareena said, “Although there’re lots of comic moments in Jab We Met, I’ve never done a full-on comedy before. Even when I worked with Priyadarshan, who’s known for his comedies, I starred in his only serious film, Chup Chup Ke, in recent times. And when we did a comedy together (Hulchul), I was the only serious character around.”

Adding, “I guess I didn’t have the chance to have fun with my roles before Jab We Met. That’s why I’m looking forward to Phir Golmaal. It’s my chance to pull out all stops.” Phir Golmaal is the sequel to the hysterical Golmaal- Fun Unlimited.

Getting back to Jab We Met it is clear that Kareena was coming into her own in the film and the response to her performance has been raves by critics and audiences alike. “The only other film I’ve felt so good about in recent times is Omkara. The director Imtiaz Ali has brought out the playful, extroverted side of me. While I was quiet, subdued and withdrawn in Omkara, in Jab We Met I’m in my full elements. This character is really close to my heart. I think from my heart and like to speak my mind openly. And what I liked about this role was the amount of fun we had while traveling and shooting,” Kareena said.

“I think that enjoyment during shooting has shown up on screen. Everyone who has seen Jab We Met has been appreciative,” she added.

We certainly applaud her performance in Jab We Met and cannot wait to see her in Phir Golmaal opposite the wonderful Ajay Devgan.

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