Kareena is a Monkey

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According to Chinese astrology, Kareena Kapoor is born under the sign of the Monkey. Those born under the sign are known for being fun loving, cheerful, talented, creative and extremely sociable. For the most part, she fits the characteristics to the “T.” We all know how much she loves to socialize and is usually seen wearing a smile on her face. However, in the New Year, she has been warned to be careful not to make any hasty decisions. While her career is headed anywhere but down according to an astrologer, when it comes to matters of love and heart, Bebo should be more weary. She has been advised not to get married this year –which means no big Bollywood Saif-Kareena wedding this year, and additionally, she should control her anger to ensure she doesn’t make any enemies and wrong decisions.

We’re not sure if Kareena believes in such hoo-haa but if she does, she has been warned to watch out!

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