Kareena Kapoor – a fan of Vidya’s success?

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According to our Bebo, Miss Kareena Kapoor herself, “Vidya’s success is impressive”. And this is coming from the girl who gets into cat fights (remember the whole Kareena-Priyanka thing?) with her fellow actresses! She went on to further state, “Vidya has been doing parallel cinema and its impressive that she is getting mainstream response at the box office for these films. She is doing great work. Vidya and I are different though. We do different kind of films. I have done Bodyguard and Omkara. What means the most to me is box office success. It is more important for me than awards. I have always done entertaining films. Even Heroine has enough glamour in it.”

Well who would have thought it? KK actually going on to compliment her colleague! She even feels that “…there is enough room for different actors.”  Wouldn’t have bet on hamari Bebo saying that a couple of years ago, now would you? We think Saif’s maturity has definitely rubbed off on Ms Kapoor. If we were Vidya, we would take the compliment with extreme gratitude, as compliments from Ms Chote Nawaab are far and few between!

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