Kareena Kapoor on Golmaal and Diamonds!

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“I’ve moved bag and baggage to Goa!” claimed Kareena Kapoor in a recent interview. The clearly excited and relaxed actress was also endorsing a diamond brand while she was taking a break from shooting for Golmaal-3. Talking about men, the actress said, “All men know how to woo their women. And one way is to buy them diamonds!” And when she was questioned as to whether beau Saif Ali Khan had bought her any diamonds, she quickly exclaimed, “Of course! But a woman is never satisfied with one diamond…there has to be a number of it!”

Talking about her character in Golmaal-3, she confirmed that this time round she will not be playing a television serial watching wife. “I’m playing one of the heroes this time. She’s more like a tom-boy. But she’s still feminine because she is the only girl in the film!”

She also spoke about Agent Vinod, her upcoming film with Saif Ali Khan. “What will work for Agent Vinod is the director Shriram Raghavan. His films are slightly edgy.” But her most controversial comment came when she spoke about her recent set of dud films. “Actors don’t fail the script; the script fails them. The director is the captain of the ship. The actor just listens to whatever the director says or does.”

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