Kareena Kapoor Unplugged Part 2

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Yesterday BollySpice gave you the ultimate lowdown on Kareena Kapoor’s conversation with a leading daily. Bebo was in an exceptionally chatty mood when she spoke about her rivals and films. In part 2 of her conversation, the actress was asked about working with ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor to which she answered, “I am professional, and I am sure Shahid is as well. And I don’t see why we shouldn’t work together, if there is a good script, and if we both have good roles.” Although Milenge Milenge is ready to release, she is hoping the film will finally see the day of light so that the old film will relieve the producers of stress.

As for her upcoming film, Agent Vinod, which is from Saif Ali Khan’s production house, she went on to clarify that the film is surely on the cards, “It is definitely happening. Agent Vinod is the kind of film that requires of lot of pre-production, which is happening right now. It’s not a love story. It will be shot at seven different locations…and also the way Saif functions, unless there is a locked script, he doesn’t get onto the set. He doesn’t care if it takes, one, two or three years. So many times, Zahid (her manager) will come and say, ‘Arre, this one has signed so many films. And that one is doing three films’ And Saif says, “I don’t care.” He functions very differently. He says he isn’t running a race…” She admits to have picked up the same trait from her beau which has changed her outlook on being professional.

As for Kurbaan, her explanation for the failure was simple, “Maybe there was something wrong in the screenplay or whatever but I still feel that Rensil and Karan made a brave, amazing film. And above everything else, I think it is one of my best performances. I won most of the awards for Kurbaan, so it is a film I will never regret.”

She went on to shed light on her relationship with Saif Ali Khan and her alleged secret marriage with him, “We have been together for two-and-half years now. We are very happy. Marriage will happen, but it hasn’t happened. At some point, we are going to settle down but we don’t know when. And catch me doing anything secretly! Anything about my life has been so much in the open. Why would I break my record and go have a hush-hush wedding? I am the last unmarried Kapoor girl in the family and I want a grand wedding… I want to be a beautiful bride but right now, I am too busy being a bride on the big screen.”

And with that, this Kapoor babe signs off.

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