Kareena Kapoor Unplugged

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In a recent interview with a leading tabloid, Kareena Kapoor opened up her heart, mind and pretty much soul when she was asked about being the top actress in the industry. From the get-go, she bares it all and in true Bebo style honestly talks about her so-called rivals. “I think everyone is running a race. I am not. I know where I am. I am competing with myself. And if that wasn’t the case, I don’t think I would have films like 3 Idiots, Kurbaan, Omkara, Chameli, or Jab We Met. Also, the problem is, my closest rival keeps changing. Every year, a new name is touted. I don’t want to name anyone, but I think in the last few years, I have been compared to five different names,” she says when she is asked about who her closest rival is. The actress admits that while her sister Karisma Kapoor, was far more humble, her superiority complex comes from the fact that she knows she “can deliver the goods.”

When questioned about her reasons for taking up a film like 3 Idiots where her role was incredibly small, she claimed, “I knew what I was getting into. I did the film because I wanted to work with Raju Hirani, Vinod Chopra and Aamir Khan…Everyone is just bothered about the length of their roles, and how many songs and scenes they have. And for me, it’s not about screen time. It’s about being effective.” And the amount of money she made from the film? “Well, not even one third of what Raju, Vinod and Aamir made. But more than my bank balance, I am just happy that I am part of a film that has made history.”

After working with all the Khans, Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh and beau Saif, she said, “I think they are all different and special in their own way. And that is why the Khans are still ruling the roost. No matter, who comes and who goes, they remain unaffected. I mean, see 3 Idiots, Love Aaj Kal, My Name Is Khan, and Wanted.” So where does that leave the likes of a one Roshan, Bachchan and Kapoor? “I would love to work with Hrithik. I think he is one of the finest actors in the country but surprisingly, no one is offering us films together, can you believe that. I am sure we will work together at some point,” she answers quickly avoiding the topic of Abhishek and Shahid.

Check back tomorrow when we summarize the second part of her unplugged interview.

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