Kareena sets the boundaries

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She’s the reigning queen currently thanks to the nonstop praises for her portrayal of Geet and her attention grabbing relationships. Kareena Kapoor simply can’t get enough of the media. It seems nowadays Bebo is getting a tad bit annoyed with the ridiculous amount of speculations regarding her relationship.

Speaking to DNA, Kareena said there are too many speculations in the media about her relationship status with Saif Ali Khan, in particular about wedding plans. The actress doesn’t confirm anything, however she does say that fortunately she doesn’t let all this affect her as she has mastered the art of taking it all in her stride.

Kareena also talked about the ridiculousness of audiences having heightened expectations from Tashan simply because they thought it would entail a love story between her and her real life beau Saif, and because this didn’t happen on screen people found the movie next to abysmal. She claims that they simply played their characters diligently and that’s what they do in a work setting. Relationships are for home time, and work is on the sets!

That’s not all! Queen B of Bollywood seems to be very confident in the place she’s at in life currently and also waved away speculations of her price being quite great compared to other actresses. She thinks she received what she deserves from all the hard work she’s done till date, starting from the days of Refugee.

Way to go Bebo! Seems like the media can write all they want, but this girl has certainly matured over the years and will definitely not let all this get to her!

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