Kareena: Yes to Heroine

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After much he-said-she-said, Kareena Kapoor has finally come out to announce that she will in fact be a part of Madhur Bandarkar’s Heroine. In the recent past, rumors of all kinds have been shooting from the grapevine including ones that claim that she was upset at the director after he mistreated her best friend, Lovely Singh’s, father. In addition, sources claim that she wanted to edit out all lovemaking scenes in the film which see her getting intimate with the five men in her life as well as the character of one of the men who has two kids (read: Saif Ali Khan). In addition, she has insisted that the five men in the film, be well-known actors from the industry.

To her defense, the actress claims, “How can I suggest changes when I have yet to see the script? Madhur still has to narrate it to me?” In the past, both National Award winning films, Page 3 and Fashion were turned down by Kareena and the actress is hoping that Heroine is her winning ticket to a National Award. However, she retorts that the film will only go on the floors after Bandarkar’s current film, Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji is complete.

Refuting all rumors concerning the film, she reiterates once and for all: “I’m definitely doing Heroine, whenever Madhur starts the film.”

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