Kareena’s staff in Heroine

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Heroine Bebo has it her way – Kareena Kapoor has managed to get work for her make-up artistes and hair dresser in her next film Heroine.

They won’t merely be doing the make-up for the actress. Pompy and Ritesh will be seen acting with her in director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film playing her unit hands.

Kareena Kapoor report­edly told Madhur Bhandarkar that she would not have actors doing her make­up on screen since some of her scenes have make-up being applied to her face during the sequences.

She apparently insisted that the people who know her face and hair very well and have been working on it for years would be the ones to do so on screen as well.

At the end of the day, even Madhur Bhandarkar managed to get what he wanted — characters playing their real-life roles on screen. Never mind if it takes his dose of realism to another level.

It would only be inter­esting to see the outcome.

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