Kat to become Kimi’s Jumma

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Rumours are a plenty regarding Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan, and the latest on the grapevine is that the choreographer/director is really excited as she has managed to rope Katrina Kaif into doing an item number.

And what an Item number it is! 

Farah Khan has somehow managed to convince Kaif to do a modern version of the 1991 hit song ‘Jumma Chumma De De’. Yes, folks you read that correctly. This is the same ‘Jumma Chumma De De’ that was originally picturised on Big B and Kimi Katkar in Hum and became a song that was recognized by Hindi film buffs the world over. It is therefore a given that film goers will have high expectations from this performance.

An interesting fact is that reports suggest that Kaif has not seen the original song is rather oblivious to the fame surrounding the song. Talking about her performance, Katrina mentioned that the shoot full of energy with both cast and crew excited about shooting the sequence. Katrina also mentioned that there were men jumping and dancing all around her with beer mugs and everyone was psyched up about the scene.

Sounds very interesting to say the least… Keep reading BollySpice for more information…

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