Katrina and Ajay’s Encounter

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It seems that Katrina Kaif has been introduced to the dark side of Ajay Devgan in a recent encounter on the sets of Rajneeti. Now before you go off thinking that the two had a big serious encounter, let us tell you that this encounter was more on the funny side.

You all would remember the various stories of Ajay’s genius mind as a prankster and it seems that Prankster Ajay has stricken again and claimed his latest victim, Katrina Kaif.

Ajay, with the help of Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpayee, recently tricked the actress into thinking that it was Nana Patekar’s birthday. They convinced her that she should go and wish him and do so dressed up in an Indian attire as Nana would like that. When she arrived after changing her clothing, they handed her a box which they claimed was the present she should gift to Nana. The innocent Katrina waltzed up to Nana to wish him a happy birthday, however when Nana opened the present he was amused to find an old underwear, moustache and a chappal.

A very flustered and blushing Katrina soon realised that she needs to be fully alert around a certain co-star at all times!

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