Katrina and John Bond

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During the shoot of New York, co-stars John Abraham and Katrina Kaif are said to have stayed miles away from one another and shared extremely cold vibes. As a reminder, Katrina’s now ex-beau, Salman Khan, and John Abraham are mortal enemies who do not get along at all. That said, her equation with hunky Abraham has recently changed after she and Khan recently called it quits.

However, Salman Khan is notoriously known for keeping “tabs” on his ex-girlfriends and is furious with Kat’s new friendship with John. While recently shooting for a promotional video, the duo was spotted bonding and catching up. This news reached Khan who was quick to react and confirm the news, “Salmanbhai got hold of Kat’s mobile bill and saw many calls and SMSes made and received between John and her,” a source reports. While Katrina’s defense is simply that they have a movie coming up for release, she is said to be “running scared.” Kaif is said to have ended her romantic association with Khan but knows that she definitely needs him for professional purposes.

Apparently, the fraternity is abuzz with the new “friendship” which has upset Salman even more, “Everyone in the industry is talking about this changed equation between Kat and John. There will surely be repercussions to this new development,” the source also informed. While Katrina and John collectively refuse to comment on their new “bond” – which is causing skeptics to believe it is nothing more than a publicity stunt for New York, a close friend to Abraham quickly spoke to their defense, “There is nothing going on between him and Katrina. He is just being targeted by someone. The truth will come out soon.”

Previously, when Katrina was linked to Ranbir Kapoor, Salman is said to have called the young Kapoor lad who quickly assured Khan of no such relationship. To his credit, Salman believed him and the topic was dropped. In the case of Katrina, she is letting the industry know that she is officially not with Salman but understands she should not “rub him in the wrong way” too if she is expected to “survive in the industry.”

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