Katrina and Salman not together

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Yes, folks, it’s apparently been confirmed and by the lovely Katrina Kaif herself that her long standing “are-they or aren’t-they” relationship with Salman Khan is now an “aren’t they”. This has always been in the news but now, the Rajneeti actress has put a full stop to all allegations.

The 26 year old actress, who debuted in the 2003 box office bomb, Boom, has been in on-again-off-again relationship with Salman for over 7 years but till date has refused to talk about it. “I wouldn’t like to specify when. That’s between the two of us. It just happened. That doesn’t mean we look the other way when we see one another. There’s no bitterness between us,” says the actress when questioned by Subhash K Jha, the Mumbai Mirror reported recently, on when said break up occurred.

Some, however, maybe confused or skeptical on the matter. Especially since there were reports of the two having a cozy dinner after a special screening of Dabanng in early September, after the notorious I am single statement Salman made in August. But Katrina has answers to this allegation as well saying, “The question on the status of our relationship seems to bother everyone around. Enough said on the topic. There is so much that’s happening in my life now. I just want to concentrate on my career.” So, whether this is another episode of their romance drama or not, only time will tell. But we must bear in mind; Ms Kaif has been quoted by Times of India that she ‘won’t be bullied into talking about my personal life’.

As the actress gears up for her next film, Tees Maar Khan, she has several movies due in the coming year. Salman Khan on the other end is quite busy himself with his own Ready and Bodyguard and has also recently, come out with the admitting a desire to direct some day. “I always wanted to be a director but acting is good for now. I will continue to write and paint though,” he said to Hindustan Times.

Subsequently, questions as to whether the two do remain close will rise but both Salman and Katrina have indicated there is no change in that. “Salman and I talk or message each other at least once a day. He is my 4 am friend. When I was hospitalised, Salman was very much around. If I’m missing for something important that Salman has organised, there has to be a solid reason for it. Like at this blood donation drive he organised in Mumbai when I had been diagonised with a blood condition myself and advised against giving blood.” She continues, “When he had the Being Human show at fashion week, I flew in for a day from Chandigarh.”

Will we see the two onscreen together? “I know that if there is a script that both of us feel suits us the best, we will do the film without an issue,” she says.

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