Katrina and SRK are Just Friends

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Although used to media hype, Katrina Kaif is astonished at some of the extrapolations being made over a simple meet-and-greet with Shah Rukh Khan. “Just because you meet and greet someone doesn’t mean there has to be speculation on what’s going on,” she says, “There’s nothing to be made out of my meeting with Shah Rukh. He’s just an acquaintance.”

Katrina is becoming increasingly frustrated with the media trying to drum up negative stories suggesting conflict between her and other actors. Struggling to recover from an appendix operation, she fears all the negativity is harming her health. “Actors, who invest a lot of time and energy, will never put down each other,” she explains, “Every one of us has their own space in the industry. These stories are either publicity mechanisms or someone just writes them to create a controversy.”

Katrina will be joined by Ranbir Kapoor on a tour of Indian cities in April to promote their movie Raajneeti. They will be joined by populist politician Rahul Gandhi who will focus on the role that youth can play in politics. “We’ve chosen eight cities and as many colleges,” says producer Prakash Jha,”Yes, Ranbir and Katrina would be part of debates on politics and youth as part of the whole endeavour to take Raajneeti beyond the portals of entertainment. Today’s political icon is no longer a 70-something veteran politician. It’s Rahul Gandhi and my stars will be addressing generations who understand the language of Rahul’s politics.”

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